Tara’s passion for health and wellbeing is no secret. The good news is that it’s also quite contagious! Tara has completed yoga qualifications in Ashtanga, Prana Flow, Vinyasa, Power, Rocket, Restorative, Hot Power, Tripsicore, Prenatal, and Yin Yoga styles.

She shares her knowledge, by running workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings and teaching at studios around the world! With all this said Tara does not link herself to being a yogi, but says “I just love yoga and want to share it with the world!” Tara is known to drink coffee, eat chocolate, and laugh at herself!

Now sharing the opportunities of a life with parity to the World, by giving her experience, love, and devotion in yoga, meditation and health. You will be challenged in your own practice whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, enjoying a beautiful vinyasa flow practice delivered with lightness and a sense of humor. As well as teaching all levels of Yoga, Tara is proof that living healthily means living happily – even a little crazily!