Salman took his first yoga class in 2009 and it was love at first pose. He quickly started noticing changes in his body and mind, and has been consistent with his yoga practice ever since.

In May 2013, he completed his first teacher training in Bali, Indonesia and it transformed his life completely. He became the first certified Kuwaiti male instructor.

As soon as he came back, he started teaching classes for all levels of students, but was disappointed with the amounts of places that offered yoga, especially for men. This motivated him to open his dream yoga studio, sooner rather than later, to make yoga accessible to everyone, men and women of all ages and sizes. He founded Alive Yoga in June 2015 and his dream came true.

Since becoming a teacher, Salman has made it a priority to keep learning, so he has been doing other trainings, joining workshops, and taking classes whenever he gets the chance.

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