Priscilla Van Rooyen is South-African, but she feels more like a citizen of the world. She loves to travel the world and to teach yoga. She believes that yoga brings unity between the body and the mind, and that it also creates a loving community within society.

She started her yoga practice in 2009 and completed her yoga teacher training in 2010 in Taiwan. Since then, she has continued sharing the practice of yoga with others while continuing her own growth by continuously taking classes. Some of the teachers she has studied under include Kino Macgregor, Jason Crandell, Cindi Lee, BNS Iyengar, Ajay Kumar, and Matthew Sweeney.

Priscilla dedicates her full attention to her students when she is teaching. She brings not only her awareness to the practice, but awakens the students’ self awareness so that they can learn to better understand their own practice. She believes that to have a good practice, one must leave one’s ego outside of the classroom and practice “ahimsa”, which means non-harming.

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