Class Description

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional style of yoga that originated in India. It is designed to gradually…

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Ball Therapy

In this 60-minute class, we will be using trigger balls to target muscle knots or “trigger points” in our bodies that are very tight and tender.

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Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow an exploration of basic yoga postures connecting them through attention to breathing, alignment, and mindfulness. Think of it as a slower Vinyasa Flow!

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Hatha Yoga

Ha-tha, literally meaning “sun and moon,” is the first and oldest form of yoga…

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Hot Yoga

Think of Hot Yoga as normal yoga in a hot room. We heat our room to 32 degrees Celsius…

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Power Yoga

Ready to sweat? Power Yoga is a rigorous yoga class with demanding strength postures that will have you moving, breathing, and sweating!

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Pranayama & Yoga Nidra

Come experience absolute bliss by releasing stagnant energy through the practice…

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Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a perfect time to begin a gentle yoga practice. Prenatal Yoga or Pregnancy…

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a gentle style of yoga that uses props, like blankets, blocks and bolsters to support the body in passive yoga poses.

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Vinyasa Flow

Looking for a yoga class to get energized while helping you build strength and flexibility…

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is often called “slow yoga.” Expect to stay in a pose anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes…

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Yoga Basics

Want to try yoga but don’t know where to start? This class is for you! Designed for beginner students…

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Rocket Yoga

“The Rocket” is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga for people looking to challenge their limits and push their boundaries

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Meditation and Pranayama

Each class you attend you will be guided through different techniques of Pranayama and Meditation

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Meditation and Yoga Mudra

In Meditation & Yoga Mudra , you will be introduced to different breathing patterns…

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