Anna was first drawn to yoga during her young adult life in Russia, where she was born. At that time she was pursuing her Master of Arts studies in English. Her deep longing for spirituality and her attraction to Eastern philosophy inspired her to then move to Belgium to live at the Krishna Bhakti ashram, where she simultaneously completed her second Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on yogic philosophy.

During these years she sincerely devoted herself to ashram life, daily sadhana and the study of ancient yogic texts. Attracted to Eastern wisdoms, Anna travelled many times to India and spent 3 years in Mysore
studying various facets of Ashtanga yoga steeped in the lineage of Krishnamacharya at Sthalam8 AYS.

A third series practitioner, she continues to draw inspiration from a long-term study with her teachers. Anna presently resides in Kuwait and feels blessed to travel and share her learning.